I bet you’re loads of fun at parties

“I was going to invite you — and then I started thinking — how would people respond to you? — They’d say later, ‘she’s fascinating,’ and I’d say,” and he chuckles, shaking his head as though “fascinating” is a mistaken sentiment for a correct assumption, “she’s a whole lot of woman — be careful, man.”  It’s a rare time I’ve heard someone refer to me to another person as a woman, so I’m still grinning as we sip our drinks across from each other and he tells me about the people he knows, the ones I would meet if ever I’m invited.

So, I get to thinking, as I’m sitting in my room alone, while I’m riding the train with headphones, or as I’m reading a book at a table somewhere — everyone’s so great at being careful that I’m never invited to parties.


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